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 perm ip muting

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Blitz X Bow

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PostSubject: perm ip muting   Thu Feb 12, 2009 5:22 pm

i was perm ip muted on my account named "Blitz X Bow".
i have been muted for over 2 days now.
i got muted for using a d ring.
everybody uses them how come i got muted?
well i don't use them no more, and i see how unfair it is to those who have one.
i had 23 from pking but i dropped them in a place where nobody could get..
i would like to start a mission to collect all d rings from players and make them extinct.
except for mod+ if they want they can have cuz their staff.
but if were not aloud to pk with them then why have them?

anyways my main reason for this is im sorry, and i won't use them anymore.
can i please be unmuted??

thanks Smile
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perm ip muting
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