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 wow icy how did u find ur staff? I quit

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im a loot

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PostSubject: wow icy how did u find ur staff? I quit   Tue Feb 24, 2009 6:06 pm

your staff is the worse in any server and i play digitalscape(5 mods 6 admins hated me)
the only good part of ur staff is mop, n a box witch u demoted like a retard brutal is unban so i quit...if hes gonna play im not...he ip mmuted me for calling him brutal abuser and he went in the wildy i atted him n he banned me in the middle of the fight... im muted so i couldnt say anything... mop u can unban me but unless brutal is acually banned and im un iped this is my last goodbye..tired of always fighting with him and he wins cause he has mod u should never had made him mod...


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wow icy how did u find ur staff? I quit
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