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 mop man baning people who deserve it

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mop mada

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PostSubject: mop man baning people who deserve it   Tue Feb 24, 2009 8:16 pm

i think its a little crazy how ppl come into this server acting like they run the place and have no respect for staff.. and then they do something like x log or glitch and u ban em and they call u abuser? its like blitz n claw... he had no respect and did things to be baned just liek true obby... brutal pure is another story i realy donot think he should have baning or ip muteing rights because he abuses them like mad leting inocent people get baned and leting the ppl who need ban go free... today i unbaned him again only for him to prove the same thing over... but all this done not mean i donot want him to have mod rights and do things like xteleto or copy and things like that because he always was a good player just messed up when he got mod. anyways take ur time and think about this before u start unbaning them best mate mop man king
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mop man baning people who deserve it
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