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 Mod app? Lol.

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PostSubject: Mod app? Lol.   Fri Mar 20, 2009 4:50 am

ISN: Jake
RSN: g0dly ar0w
Combat lvl on IS: 111, 60 def, 52 prayer...-.-
Woodcutting lvl:50
Thieving lvl:50
Firemaking lvl:50

Have u even been server mod or admin on another server?
If so, what server? Nickyscape-Co-owner, Thelastpkz-Head admin, PwnifiedScape-Admin, was up for like 6 months then went down..Santascape-Mod.

I, Jake pledges to be Moderator or Administrator and if I quit, I will be demoted and will never have a chance at server mod or admin again.


And Icy is king king


1. Whats your username? Jake

2. How long have you been playing Icyspecz? Since day 1! Smile

3. On a scale 1-10 how much do you love Icyspecz over any other server? 10! community is great, players are great (especially mop man, we been bff's on server since we both started).

4. Do you know the rules by heart? Duh.

5. Do you have any past Mod or admin experience? If so, where/when/how long. Earlier in post. >.<

6. Where are you located at? British Columbia, Cananda.

7. If chosen, do you have MSN, AIM, or Xfire we can contact you at? If so, please post it/them. MSN is u_donkey69@hotmail.com (leet eh?)

8. How old are you? (no age requirements, please be honest!) I r 16.

9. What is your first name? Jake, (duh?)

10. Any other info. we should know about you? I am leet, and very niceness leeet, always giving free stuff to the newbies Very Happy

11. How many hours can you play a day? If im lucky I can play like 5 hours (nerdage), but most days like 2-3. Very Happy

With love, Jake, Lol.

Oh and Icy is king king
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Mod app? Lol.
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