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 This server needs some "action" to be taken, READ

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PostSubject: This server needs some "action" to be taken, READ   Mon Mar 30, 2009 2:05 pm

Hello, my name is Rayburn, but people call me Ray. Firstly, I would like to thank the owner of this fine server Icy, for giving us his hard work and time to entertain us and make us happy. Now moving on.

This server is a great one for pking, but I do believe that there is a big flaw that everyone is abusing.
It is one that no one can really fix technically, but we can make it where people get punished for it.

The thing I'm speaking of is "X-Logging", this is where people simply click the X button on their client and it diconnects them from the server, logging them out no matter if they are in a fight or not. Everyone on this server is abusing this, and it makes the game very very boring and pointless to pk if everyone is just going to exit out from a fight with no punishment to their actions whatsoever, this including duping, glitching, or any other rule that you wish to make.

Now, in my opinion, this server needs some admin and mods, we don't have any obviously because the reset. If we had mods and admins then hopefully this problem could get reduced or if were lucky pretty much solved, to the point where nobody breaks any rules because they know what can happen or what will happen (ban/mute).

So Icy if you are reading this, please take some action to this, but if your going to pick a mod, please make sure that they are someone who is mature enough to handle their position and never abuse their powers, because that could just make this server even worst like how it was before. So if you would please try to get to know the person, or interview them.

Sincerly - Ray
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This server needs some "action" to be taken, READ
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