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 Power boy73 Mod application

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power boy73

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PostSubject: Power boy73 Mod application   Sat Apr 11, 2009 5:09 pm

ISN:Power Boy73
RSN:Power Boy73
Combat lvl on IS:119
Woodcutting lvl:1
Thieving lvl:34
Firemaking lvl:1
Why I Should be Mod:
1.I try to be nice to everyone and get to know them before I start hating them or trusting them.(no offense to anyone)

2.I don't kiss up or kiss down to anyone(including admins and mods) and if you expect me to please just get rid of this application.(no offense)

3.I help out people in need,I try to stop dupers, and I don't spam like an idiot.

4.I respect everyone even if I hate them and don't even know them.(unless I just lost in an unfair battle)

5.When I am being flamed or jumped I don't really yell back that much but instead I tell them to prove it in a fight or something

6.I do not mute or ban anyone unless I have proof and I wouldn't abuse any of my powers as a mod or admin.(by the way if you accept this application could you leave me like regular players where I can't spawn items and keep my stuff on death)

Have u even been server mod or admin on another server?
If so, what server( put all servers if more than 1)No,but I still try to enforce the rules like I am one.Ask Scapel on Scapelscape.tk.(server I play and still play sometimes)

I, Power Boy73 pledges to be Moderator or Administrator and if I quit, I will be demoted and will never have a chance at server mod or admin again.

Signed, Power Boy73

And icy is king king Exclamation king Exclamation
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Power boy73 Mod application
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