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 S 4 F 3 R's Mod Application!

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S 4 F 3 R

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PostSubject: S 4 F 3 R's Mod Application!   Sat Mar 07, 2009 8:33 pm

ISN: S 4 F 3 R
RSN: I dont have one, my brother has one that i go on tho, Mavric41 ^.^
Combat lvl on IS: 114 (Training atm)
Woodcutting lvl:1 =[
Thieving lvl:17
Firemaking lvl:1

Have u even been server mod or admin on another server?
If so, what server( put all servers if more than 1): Owner of NewVision, Co owner of Newtonscape, Co owner on Hollywood Undead v1

I, Christal ( S 4 F 3 R) pledges to be Moderator or Administrator and if I quit, I will be demoted and will never have a chance at server mod or admin again.( i will NEVER quit this server tho, staff or not its my favorite Smile )

Signed, Christal (S 4 F 3 R)
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S 4 F 3 R's Mod Application!
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